FinTech: Not a buzzword, a trillion dollar industry

Financial Technology, or FinTech, has become a common term in industry circles as well as in an increasingly tech savvy world. While the term itself may be trending, be sure that it is more than merely a buzzword in a tech sector that is constantly filled with buzzwords. The FinTech market has been growing in […]

Cloud Security: What you need to know

I was recently having happy hour drinks with a friend who works in finance, and as our conversation turned to our work, I mentioned to him that NOCHALLENGE had begun hosting many of our custom software products in the Cloud. His concern immediately became security, and as I explained that Cloud hosting is actually more secure than most internal servers he joked, “cloud security is an oxymoron.”

Are you considering these factors in your 2017 IT budget?

As 2016 comes to a close and budget allocations wrap, many eyes have turned to project spending trends in the new year. The technology field is no different. While everyone tries to get a sense for what IT spending will look like in 2017, here are some recent trends and targets to keep in mind […]

NOCHALLENGE Technology is now Oracle Partner

NOCHALLENGE Technology is pleased to announce our acceptance into the Oracle OPN network as a Silver Partner. As we strive to meet all of our client’s needs we’re excited to be able to offer many of Oracle’s products and services. As we continue to work with companies of all sizes, helping them locate their inefficiencies […]

How we are disrupting an international tax preparation market

Any business leader who has ever attempted to introduce a new method, technology, or sales tactic to disrupt the status quo in an existing industry understands the pushback and complexities one is bound to encounter. Now, try to imagine facing those same challenges in a completely foreign market where industry standards, public expectations, and a […]

How We Helped a Publicly Traded Manufacturing Company Solve Their Unique Problem

One such example of our emphasis on client specific solutions is our work for one of our flagship clients, a billion-dollar manufacturing company located in Minnesota. They are leading manufactures of actuators, which are small electric motors routinely used in larger machinery.

Your Software Idea: How to Make it a Reality

So, you have a great software product idea which you think will be the next billion-dollar venture like a Facebook or Twitter. Ideation is a very good way to start out. All successful ventures start with an idea. Now, let’s work through a few steps regarding how to make your idea a real money maker. is on Forbes

We are very thrilled to know that our custom developed big data driven marketing application for auto dealers made Forbes magazine. “When Lang Smith, CEO of Cloud Signalytics for the auto industry, he was filling a gap the rest of the industry didn’t take seriously. At that time, the industry followed the motto, “If we […]

How to protect your software with intellectual property protection

One question that many entrepreneurs face is whether and how to use intellectual property (IP). IP rights for custom software can be particularly tricky to understand. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the basics and most common questions we get from our new clients. Although this article should teach you some of the basics, […]

Our Founder and CEO, Zulfikar Ali featured at Minnesota’s tech magazine

A few months in, he wrote a software app that streamlined internal process, earning a quick promotion to the IT department and opportunity for US Citizenship. Fast forward three years to job offer from Wells Fargo that promised broader horizons, prompting a natural move up the ladder.