Deciding which software company is the best fit for your business needs can be an overwhelming process. It’s common place for a software company to pitch to you all of the things they feel that they do well: the platforms they have expertise in, their past successful projects, etc., but many times the missing piece is, what can the software do specifically for your company?

We pride ourselves at NOCHALLENGE Technology on centering our approach around that very question. When you set aside your valuable time to talk with someone from our business development team, we’re interested in learning about your specific process and pain-points, and then engaging in a dialog on how we can build a custom solution specifically for you.

The Problem

One such example of our emphasis on a client specific solution is our work for one of our flagship clients, a billion-dollar manufacturing company located in Minnesota. They are leading manufactures of actuators; small electric motors routinely used in larger machinery. With fourteen baseline products, and dozens of sub-products that work only in a specific configuration according to the baseline product, there were literally hundreds of combinations possible when putting together an order.


These products and sub-products, as well as all the possible combinations, were all being managed via several Excel spreadsheets. With over 500 vendors world-wide ordering from our client, putting together just one order could sometimes take days. In addition to the excruciating timeline of creating an order, there were also many other pain-points in managing that much data within a spreadsheet.

It may seem obvious, but at the very least you need a sales team which can operate Excel at an expert level, as well as train new employees on the existing process. Not something that most sales teams would consider a strength. Our client also had pricing mismatches frequently happening. The price of a part may have been changed but it often failed to get changed on the spreadsheet. Other times it was listed correctly in one place but not another, resulting in inconsistencies and potential revenue loss.

Another gap exisited in data storage. With each order being filled manually via data being pulled from Excel files, once an order was created (and remember, this could take days) and was completed, it was then essentially gone. If a different client wished to make the exact same order, the sales team and their admins would have to recreate the process from scratch.

The Solution

That’s where NOCHALLENGE Technology went to work. After listening to their process, observing the data documents, and gaining a full understanding of their vision for a solution, we implemented a shopping cart style, exception based custom web-based price configurator that automated this process and turned a week’s worth of work into a job that now takes only minutes.

Using simple drop down options and a shopping cart style CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), it now takes “as little as a few seconds” to fill an order according to one administration manager with the company. More so, the client now also has a secure database of past orders, streamlining the process even further for the sales team. Their speed of business is no longer contingent on the user’s ability to operate Excel spreadsheets, and pricing updates are now easy to implement and consistent across the board. Our decision to develop a custom CPQ also saved our client several thousands of dollar in monthly per user licensing fees from off-the-shelve high priced CPQ’s. They have a customized software solution, which solves their specific problem with relatively low investment and no per user recurring licensing cost.

This is the outcome we seek with each and every client, and each and every custom software product we build at NOCHALLENGE.

We would love to have a conversation with you today about how we can help you simplify your process. Please fill out the form below and Ryan Lynn our business development manager will schedule a call to start a conversation.

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