The field of software development is over saturated, companies are popping up all over the place, and each one considers themselves an “expert”. But beneath the jazzy aesthetics of their web design and colorful sales pitch, how can you be sure this is they are the right fit for your business? Are they more for the image, or the results? Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to hire a custom software development company.

1. Customization

Every company is different, so is the development team you’re looking to hire just going to place you into a structure and mold they already have set up, or are they going to do what works best for you? Make sure they are able to give you the product that you want. Do not lower your expectations or settle, remember, they are working for you.

 2. Trust

Where did you learn about the company, did you just Google the name or did you hear about them through a friends friend, make sure you know who you are dealing with. Make sure you have seen their projects and their resumes. Ask for references, if they have nothing to hide, they should have no problem handing a few names over.

3. Efficiency

Is the company comprised of a thousand employees and your project is set to the back burner? Or is your product a priority have you seen a timeline that has exact breakdowns of each step of the process. Weekly updates are standard, and you should have a contact person that you are easily able to reach. Time is money and the longer they take to drag out the project, the more expensive it’ll be.

4. Cost

How does your software development team financially compare to others? Are their prices right on point? Do your research, shop around. Most prices are negotiable so see who can give you the most for your money.

 5. Sales Driven

Is your website sales or aesthetics driven? Technically it should be both, but the real point and focus of a website is to achieve sales. The development company needs to understand your company’s vision and create an adequate plan to achieve it.

 6. Bang-for-your buck

Some development companies look to just build a site, and cash the check. But nowadays, there is so much more development teams need to be wary of, including SEO, paid search, and site traffic. Have you seen their plan as to how they will obtain those? It is crucial as an investment that they are equally as focused on the function of your site within the Internet.

7. The Future

After the project is complete do they cut you loose, or are they interested in installation, implementation and training? If you are unaware of how to work the product or there are consistent problems, what was the point of investing the money! You need to see your return, and the company should value their clients (and if they will recommend their name to others) to make sure follow up is integral.

8. The Process

Are they with you throughout the process, do they ask questions and seem interested? Are they dependable? Are they there when you need them? Do they answer your questions, are you happy with their answers? Make sure that you are communicative about any apprehension, most software development companies are handling multiple accounts at a time, and the majority are not trying to leave you in the dark, they are trying to balance.

9. Passion

When you discuss your project, are they excited? Do they share the same passion? Some development teams are only looking for a quick sale, those are the contracts with lots of earmarks and give you the gut feeling something is wrong.

10. Don’t Settle

Just because you hear one flashy sales pitch from a development team, don’t jump to the gun, shop around. Once you’ve heard a few more pitches you may hear something offered that you didn’t even think you’d need.

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